Company Overview

Exemplify Financial Services, LLC is a financial, retirement, and estate planning firm. We are a life settlement broker focused on helping our clients generate cash from life insurance policies that they no longer need and would otherwise simply lapse. We also do extensive fund management wherein our clients are provided with the opportunity to invest in life insurance settlements by acquiring fractional interests in one or more funds managed and held in trust.

What Makes Us Different

The excellent and comprehensive service that we offer stand to be paralleled. For every client that we have, we go the extra mile.

  • Financial

  • Life

  • Investments
    and Trusts

  • Last Will
    and Testaments

  • Retirement

Company’s Values and Philosophy

At Exemplify Financial Services, LLC, we value excellent and comprehensive service. You can be sure that we will do whatever it takes to provide the best solution to your needs, and thus make your retirement season as enjoyable and as worry-free as possible.

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