December 20, 2017

What Is a Good Investment Return?

In a way, we’re always trying to make the best use of the resources at hand. We try to maximize our time and skills to get the best results for the least amount of effort.

In this article, we will focus on financial investments and how you can make the most out of them.

Simply put, an investment is when someone spends or sets money aside for a certain period with the purpose of growing their initial contribution.

The original sum of money, or the Capital, must be justified in time by the Return On Investment (ROI), which is the amount of value gained over time.


What Is a Good Investment?

By definition, a good investment is when the end value or the return is higher than the investment. Sometimes it can be more than just getting a positive return. After all, if you waited ten years for one dollar, would you consider that a good investment return?


Comparing Projects Before Making Any Decision

One must compare a particular investment opportunity to other comparable options to make sure that the money is in the right place.


Analyzing the Level of Risk

A good investment also means that you are aware of the level of risk associated with the venture you will undertake. After all, it’s logical: riskier bets are more likely to generate a high ROI. However, keep in mind that not all projects yield a positive return and may lead to serious loss of money.

For example, buying stocks on the stock exchange holds no guarantee of seeing any money back. Every financial advisor in Dallas will tell you to be conservative with any decision and make sure your assumptions are realistic.


Taking into Consideration the Length of Time

Making an informed decision means that you know, among other factors, how much time it will take until you see any return and what ROI to expect. Would you get the same end value every year? Will it increase over time? Does your annual ROI beat taxes or fees? A financial advisor in Dallas can help answer these questions.


Make the Right Decision

Making the right decision and choosing between an investment opportunity that is suited for you and one that is not can be difficult. We at Exemplify Financial can help you determine the right financial methodology based on your needs and capital.



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