January 18, 2018

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

When it comes to your life savings, you can’t just pick any financial advisor in Dallas. Making sure your hard-earned money is in the right hands is crucial. Before deciding on anyone, a good idea would be to speak to a few consultants and then compare them.

Here are a few questions that can get you started.


Here are a few questions that can get you started:

How Much Do You Charge?

A financial advisor should tell you upfront how much they charge before they agree to take you on as a client. Will they charge by the hour, have a fixed fee, or get a percentage of your pension pot value?


What Services Do You Offer?

Your future financial advisor must also tell you about the services they offer and whether or not they’re independent. To be called an independent financial advisor, one must be able to offer their clients unbiased and unrestricted advice based on market analysis. A restricted advisor, on the other hand, can only recommend products from certain providers.


Are You a Fiduciary?

A financial advisor that is not a fiduciary will not necessarily offer you the best advice. That is because they might receive a commission for selling you certain types of investment products, so be careful.


Do You Have Clients in Similar Positions to Mine?

Find out if your advisor has any experience in advising clients in positions that are similar to yours. Some of them will choose their clients based on a few requirements and have a niche that they specialize in.

Just like you wouldn’t choose anyone to babysit your children or come clean your house, you shouldn’t pick just anyone as your financial advisor. Trusting someone with your money is a big deal, so don’t be afraid to take as long as you need to do some research and find the best consultant for you – it can ultimately save you a lot of money!

If you are looking for a professional financial advisor in Dallas, let us at Exemplify Financial help. With us, you’ll find a focused and dedicated team that will work diligently to keep your money safe and help grow your investments.



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